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Dr John Velyvis

Doctor John Velyvis, MD

Director of Robotic Surgery – Seton Medical Center Orthopedics

Dr. Velyvis is a board-­certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacement. He is driven to offer Bay Area patients the most advanced, minimally invasive surgeries in orthopedics. Specifically, he is a leading expert on robotic­s-assisted partial knee resurfacing surgery.

Dr. Velyvis studied biomedical engineering at Harvard, where he was also a member of the school’s elite rowing team. His four years of competition gave him a deep appreciation for human mechanics and body movement. Dr. Velyvis attended Columbia University’s prestigious School of Medicine and later completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital where he specialized in hip and knee surgery.

At his practice, he is focused on giving patients back their mobility and quality of life. He is passionate about offering patients the most advanced surgeries available. When he’s not directly treating patients at his office, Dr. Velyvis is often reading about the latest technologies and helping develop them with the world’s foremost biomedical companies.

Dr. Velyvis’ partial-­knee resurfacing helps patients experience shorter recovery times, shorter hospital stays and being to feel their joints move naturally more quickly than total knee replacement patients. Restoring his patients’ high quality of life is what he finds most fulfilling, so the best part of his day is follow-­up visits from patients who can’t believe they have their lives back.

In addition to meeting with one of our NAVIO certified physicians, our dedicated staff will ensure you are well cared for and fully informed about your treatment options. If surgery is the best option, our team of experts will educate you on what to expect before, during, and after surgery. Please be sure to ask any questions you have along the way.
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    Doctor John Velyvis, MD Director of Robotic Surgery

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